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“Les droits sans obligations, c'est l'anarchie.”
De Lessia Oukrainka / Le Maître de pierre

“Le désir, c'est l'anarchie.”
De Julien Green / Ce qu'il faut d'amour à l'homme

“La liberté enfante l'anarchie, l'anarchie conduit au despotisme et le despotisme ramène la liberté.”
De Honoré de Balzac / La peau de chagrin

Al Mahdi case: "In the courtoom" programme , 17 August 2017 (Reparations Order)

"21st Century Schizoid Man" is a song by the progressive rock band King Crimson from their debut album In the Court of the Crimson King.

Lyrical content

The lyrics of "21st Century Schizoid Man" were written by Peter Sinfield and consist chiefly of disconnected phrases which present a series of images. All three verses follow a set pattern in presenting these images. The first line of each verse presents two relatively vague images (e.g. "iron claw", "death seed"). The second line is a single image, often more specific than the first two, and the third line approaches an actual sentence. The fourth and last line of each verse is the song's title.

The song makes reference to the Vietnam War with the lyrics "Politicians' funeral pyre/Innocence raped with napalm fire". Before a live performance of the song on 14 December 1969, heard on the live album Epitaph, Robert Fripp remarked that the song was dedicated to "an American political personality whom we all know and love dearly. His name is Spiro Agnew."
Musical structure

Clocking at nearly seven and a half minutes, the song is notable for its heavily distorted vocals sung by Greg Lake, and its instrumental middle section, called "Mirrors". Most of the song is in either 4/4 or 6/8 time, save for the end of the song, which is in free time. Fripp explained his guitar solo to Guitar Player magazine in 1974: "It's all picked down-up. The basis of the picking technique is to strike down on the on-beat and up on the off-beat. Then one must learn to reverse that. I'll generally use a downstroke on the down-beat except where I wish to accent a phrase in a particular way or create a certain kind of tension by confusing accents, in which case I might begin a run on the upstroke."[1] The atonal solo was rated number 82 in Guitar World's list of the Top 100 Greatest Guitar Solos in 2008.[2] British Prime Minister Tony Blair praised the song and especially the guitar solo.[1] The song encompasses the heavy metal,[3][4] jazz-rock and progressive rock genres.[5]

King Crimson continued to perform it in their live act after Greg Lake left King Crimson in 1970 to form Emerson, Lake & Palmer. It appeared on five live albums from different versions of the band, first sung by Lake on Epitaph, then by Boz Burrell on Earthbound (1972), by John Wetton, on USA (1974), by Adrian Belew on Vrooom Vrooom (2001, recorded in 1996), and by Jakko Jakszyk on 2014 Live EP. In 1993, Emerson, Lake & Palmer recorded a version for their 1993 box set The Return of the Manticore (this version is abridged, finishing before the long instrumental passage featured in the original). Greg Lake performed the song on his 1981 solo tour with Gary Moore on guitar.

Greg Lake – bass, lead vocals
Ian McDonald – alto saxophone
Robert Fripp – lead guitar
Michael Giles – drums
Peter Sinfield – lyrics

Other appearances

Indie band Unrest covered the song for their 1987 album Tink of S.E..[6]
Kanye West sampled the song on "Power", from his 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.[7]
The song is used on the trailer for Mr. Mercedes (TV Series)


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Noir Désir - Aux Sombres Heros De L'amer

Michel et Christine
Arthur RIMBAUD (1854-1891)

Zut alors, si le soleil quitte ces bords !
Fuis, clair déluge ! Voici l'ombre des routes.
Dans les saules, dans la vieille cour d'honneur,
L'orage d'abord jette ses larges gouttes.

Ô cent agneaux, de l'idylle soldats blonds,
Des aqueducs, des bruyères amaigries,
Fuyez ! plaine, déserts, prairie, horizons
Sont à la toilette rouge de l'orage !

Chien noir, brun pasteur dont le manteau s'engouffre,
Fuyez l'heure des éclairs supérieurs ;
Blond troupeau, quand voici nager ombre et soufre,
Tâchez de descendre à des retraits meilleurs.

Mais moi, Seigneur ! voici que mon esprit vole,
Après les cieux glacés de rouge, sous les
Nuages célestes qui courent et volent
Sur cent Solognes longues comme un railway.

Voilà mille loups, mille graines sauvages
Qu'emporte, non sans aimer les liserons,
Cette religieuse après-midi d'orage
Sur l'Europe ancienne où cent hordes iront !

Après, le clair de lune ! partout la lande,
Rougis et leurs fronts aux cieux noirs, les guerriers
Chevauchent lentement leurs pâles coursiers !
Les cailloux sonnent sous cette fière bande !

- Et verrai-je le bois jaune et le val clair,
L'Epouse aux yeux bleus, l'homme au front rouge, ô Gaule,
Et le blanc Agneau Pascal, à leurs pieds chers,
- Michel et Christine, - et Christ ! - fin de l'Idylle.

“La république est une anarchie positive.”
De Pierre Joseph Proudhon


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